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About Me

I was born in a small regional town, but has travelled the world extensively with her parents.

My designs are often linked in some way to her many experiences of different cultures, natural environments or cities. Designs come from within, when shapes, colours or textures are triggered by a memory or an experience. The designs develop from that initial response, through many different stages, to create an end product that is pleasing to the eye. I enjoy the process of design and all the elements required to create something beautiful as well as functional. When the initial seed has been planted in her mind, developing it further with the use of trend research, gaining inspiration, collecting fabric samples and creating a toile is a natural progression. It is not only about the final design, but how you get to it that gives the garment personality and brings it to life. 

I believe fashion should be a reflection of the person and while she designs with a target market in mind, the garments are versatile and can be personalised with the addition of detachable elements. Elements that allow the client to choose to accentuate or divert attention from a certain part of her body.

I have an interest in exploring the business and marketing side of fashion. I believe that the connection between the creative process and the business/marketing development is critical to the success of the collection.

About Me: About Me
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