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Juxtaposition. While appearing to be contrasting elements of voluminous aspects and sleek lines, the end result is a collection that melds together, resulting in elegance, sophistication and drama.

Inspired by Giambattista Valli and Elie Saab, my designs are created to enhance the special occasions throughout a person’s life. They are designed to be dramatic and eye-catching, yet retain a certain element of fun, reflecting the occasion. The drama is delivered by including one or more elements of volume on the garments.

This element may include multiple layers of gathered tulle, which, on its own, can become the statement. This tulle may be attached to another fabric to give structure and definition to that fabric. Either way, the addition of tulle adds the desired effect of volume.

The collection also includes large puff sleeves and a long train.

While the touch of volume creates drama, the silhouette is quite sleek. The main part of the body is covered by close-fitting fabric which accentuates the clients figure, allowing her to feel beautiful, confident and glamorous.

Versatility is a very important concept that is incorporated into the collection. The idea that a train may not always be suitable for the occasion, or puff sleeves may be too much, most of the voluminous pieces of the garments are detachable. This allows the client to personalise the look she wants. The detachable pieces are interchangeable and can be used or left off to completely change the overall look.

Glamour, beauty, sophistication, drama, confidence, versatility and fun are all words and concepts that are used to create and describe the collection that you see.


Contrast Beauty Collection: Collections


This piece is the epitome of glamour and versatility. With a detachable train, sleeves, belt and overskirt, the client can create a unique piece that is specifically made for them. It an also be matched with other pieces in the collection.

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Hero Body Two

Black Satin-Backed Crepe Playsuit with halter neck is placed under an overskirt with tie up waistband and 65 meters of gathered tulle.

The bow is created with a blue and black brocade. It is on a belt that is covered in the same fabric and therefore is detachable.


Body Three

This body also features the same playsuit as in Hero Body Two. Furthermore, I has a detachable sleeve which cascades across the body. There is also a m midnight blue ruffle tulle overskirt that has a gap at the front. It is detachable with a fabric covered belt. The bow can also go with this body


Body Four

This body features a heavily beaded fabric. It has buttons running all the way down the centre back, stopping at the mermaid style flare that sits just above the knee. 

Underneath, a spandex bralette and briefs can be worn in a baltic blue and clear detachable straps. There is also another option - a black spandex bodycon dress, also with detachable straps.

Contrast Beauty Collection: Collections
Contrast Beauty Collection: Pro Gallery
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